8 Reasons Why You Should Get a Donkey

There are many reasons why you should get a donkey; one reason is that they are just kickass! (Pun intended) but seriously though, donkeys are wonderful animals that can be the perfect pet if you know how to take care of them, after reading this article on why you should get one, I recommend searching for reading up on how to take care of one, should you decide to get one for yourself. So let me tell you the great thing about donkeys and why you should definitely consider getting one as a pet!

1.) They are Pretty Chill

happy donkey

Donkeys are naturally quiet, sweet, mild mannered creatures that can be so gently that you can let your kids play with them without worrying.

2.) They Don’t Cost Much to Maintain

Yes, they may resemble a few traits of horses, but they don’t cost as much to take care. They need to eat lower quality hey, if barley hay is not available, for the sake of their health, so yeah food and maintenance is nothing to worry about.

3.) They Don’t Easily Get Sick

You have to keep them from getting wet during the times when it rains, because they are more used to the desert, but apart from that the animal is pretty sturdy and would almost never get sick, given that you feed it properly at least.

4.) Intelligence

People often mistaken the donkey for not being very bright, why they think this is a mystery to me, maybe it is how they are represented in cartoons and TV.  But in actuality Donkeys are actually very smart, they sense danger and react according to the situation, though people often mistaken this as stubbornness.

two donkeys

5.) They are Protective

Not really territorial or anything like that, but donkeys are not very fond of animals like coyotes, dogs, or anything similar. The donkey may be able to help you protect your area from these little critters, and others. Though often mild mannered, they do not really like strangers that seems threatening, so if you have a donkey, you can feel a little more secure with the fact that there is one more animal keeping an eye on the place.

6.) They Can Carry Their Own Weight and Then Some

Though not much for riding, except for young children, the Donkey can help you out with carrying a few things around when you need them to. Let’s see Fido do that!

7.) They Are Good With Children

No, they won’t make your kids lunch and help you take care of them. But they are rather calm around kids, they can play with the animal as much as they want and the donkey would be very much cool about it.

domestic donkey

8.) They Are Like Dogs

Yes, they can be Man’s best friend as well. They form bonds with their owners like one, if you are ever in the area, your donkey will often approach you and interact with you, unlike most horses.

Donkeys are great pets and cute ones as well. If you ever have the space and the extra money to get one, I highly recommend one. They might not be as stylish as a horse, but they are great companions, arguably better than.



How to tell the Difference between a Good and a Bad Business Idea?

Sometimes what seems to be a terrible idea will turn out to be a billion dollar idea, and what seemed to be a great idea end in utter failure.

I recall the story of one entrepreneur that wanted to start a mineral water company in a country that has reasonably safe potable tap water. When he first proposed the idea to his friends in the Chamber of Commerce, he met criticism and was laughed out of stage. Determined to make his idea into reality he pushed through with his plans, now his company is the number one seller of bottled waters in his country. This is an example of a business idea that seemed bad but turned out to be good in the end. Was it really just because his plan was actually good that allowed it to work, or is there more to it than that?

Let’s look at an example of a supposedly good idea: A man finds some gold in a cave, and decided to sell the gold to buy mining equipment. After digging for months it seems like the vein of gold that he had found just vanished. Disheartened he quit the mining business and sold his equipment and mining rights. The man he sold it to do not start digging immediately, he consulted experts and geologists, and he found out that the vein moved a couple of hundred meters from the original excavation site due to the ground shifting.

One more example of a supposedly terrible idea:  What if you were surfing the web and found an ad or link that told you about a low maintenance pet you will never have to feed or clean up after. Sounds great right? What if I told you the supposed pet was a Rock? You’d probably close the tab and think that that was the stupidest thing you ever saw, and you’re probably right. But a couple of years back pet rocks was a big fad and sold 1.5 million units at $4 each.

After writing this I came to realize that the difference between a Good and Bad Business Idea is the person who came up with it. The true difference between a good a bad idea lies in how you plan to execute the idea to take physical form. DO you consult experts in the field? Have you planned a way to market it to people? Is there really a market for it? And most importantly; how determined are you to reach your goal of your idea becoming reality?

Yes, there are “bad” ideas but you can easily know they are really terrible with just common sense; you can’t sell sand in the desert. But then again, can you?