The most common phone problem is that of the frequent need to reset the phone. This is probably the most common phone issue and often happens as your phone becomes older.

The reason for poor phone performance is usually the excessive installation of unwanted apps which also use up your phone’s memory and store a number of files on your internal storage.

Another reason could be that your phone may have received a virus or you may have downloaded some sort of harmful application which has altered the internal memory structure of your phone causing this problem. Star Labs fixes iPhones and have helped saved many gadgets that owners thought were hopeless.

If you wish to avoid these common problems with your phone then it is advisable that you perform regular maintenance routines on your phone such as the resetting of the random access memory.

Other common phone problems that are faced by many users are the problems related to the battery. You may find that your battery life lasts for just a few hours when you use your handset or you may face a power failure which can lead to the loss of data stored in your cellular memory and result in your phone becoming unusable.

There are a number of other reasons for your handset losing its connectivity, but if you have performed regular maintenance on your handset you would have avoided these common issues. In order to avoid the common phone problems of battery life, it is advisable that you do not use your cell phone when you are in a very cold place such as an elevator or in a vehicle.

It is best advised that you store your handset in a warm location like your garage where it will remain safe from freezing conditions. Apart from this, it is important that you charge your cell phone before you are going to use it as this can prevent the build-up of heat inside the battery which can adversely affect the performance of your handset.

Other common phone problems faced by many users include the LCD screen breaking down or getting affected by static. If you want to avoid these common problems then there are some simple things that you need to do in order to make sure that your battery does not work continuously.

The first thing that you need to do is to avoid placing your cell phone on cars whose grills are placed close to the center of the car as this can result in constant static electricity. Instead, you should use a charger or a laptop in order to charge up.

Another important factor that can cause your handset to function less efficiently is when you are not properly using the locking features of your mobile phone. One of the most important things that you need to check in order to avoid the common phone problems of the battery being dead is that the charging port of your mobile phone needs to be tightly secured.

The reason why this port needs to be tightly secured is that it is through this port that the lithium polymer battery of your handset is inserted in order to enable it to function and store data in your cellular memory.

The charging port of your mobile phone needs to be tightly secured so that you do not accidentally insert your handset into the charging port. If this happens then the battery will not have enough power in order to function effectively and will result in your handset working less effectively.

The other common phone problems that you will need to deal with include the excessive drain on the batteries of your handset and the unnecessary apps installed on it. There are many instances when excessive apps are installed on your handset and this will result in your handset working extremely hard.

When your battery is drained it will result in your handset becoming extremely slow and the performance of the handset will be affected. The excessive drain on the battery is often caused by various unwanted and useless applications that are being installed on your mobile phone.

If you want to ensure that your battery lasts longer then it is important that you do not install any unnecessary apps on your mobile. In order to perform a thorough cleaning process of your handset, you should disconnect it from the mains during the cleaning process and allow it to cool down completely.

Another one of the most common phone problems is the Wi-Fi issue. It is very common for people to face the issue of Wi-Fi not working when they try to connect to the Wi-Fi network. The reason why Wi-Fi issues arise is because of the unnecessary software that is being installed on your handset.

You can easily remove the unwanted software from your mobile phone by performing a factory backup. You should also ensure that you turn off any unnecessary software such as Bluetooth and Wireless accessibility applications.

Another one of the common phone problems is the display of messages. Some of the messages that appear on your screen might be annoying and you might want to ignore them. However, this will result in the display of some messages that are not relevant to the conversation that you are having with someone.

This problem can also affect the battery life of your handset and this can cause your handset to run out of power very soon. The best way to resolve this issue is to perform a factory backup of your handset and you should also ensure that you turn off all the unnecessary apps and Bluetooth devices.