We have established that donkeys are like two beloved animal companions, the horse, and the dog. The donkey has the friendliness and playfulness of the dog and some of the aspects of the horse. It is unfortunate that it also shares “weaknesses” of the two, with its playfulness it tends to attract parasites, and with its biology, it has a great sensitivity to pesticides. While its environment’s treatment can easily be accomplished through the employment of a Pest Control Company Cupertino, its treatment will have to be done in another location with milder substances.

You must also note that you must dispose of any edible substance exposed during the treatment, or to reduce waste and cost move them to a location far from the area being fumigated. Though most of the traces found on these are minimal, given enough time and enough consumption of the tainted food, your donkey could slowly get sick.

The best way to avoid this situation is always to keep track of your pet and avoid them reaching areas where they might be exposed to these types of pests. Routine cleaning and the administration of preventive treatments, like flea powder, would also be advisable. The responsibility of having your donkey is great, but the advantages, love, and affection you get in return are greater.