Freshfields Donkey Village which was officially known as Michael Elliot Trust is based in a village of Peak Forest which is near Buxton. It is owned by John and Annie Stirling who rescues and cares for donkeys who have been neglected, abandoned or mistreated.

It all started when the couple found two neglected donkeys in the year 1998, at a livestock market. With an immense feeling of compassion and determination, without thinking twice, the couple found themselves bidding for the donkeys even though they had no idea how they will manage and keep them. After 18 years, they’ve taken over 600 donkeys under their care in the name of the Trust.

The Donkeys loved to welcome their guests and expectation that you will visit them here at Freshfields Donkey Village in the most tranquil and a welcoming Derbyshire Peak District. Annie’s Tea Room gave an extra chance to buy a strange and genuinely remarkable conventional evening tea encounter; the ideal backup to an evening with the Donkeys. The tea room was also accessible for women gatherings and those wishing to take tea on a nation trip.

Celebrities like June Brown and Emilia Fox have contributed a lot to the Trust and has helped save a lot of donkeys. They’ve held special events to raise funds and to hire volunteers who are ready to help.

However, the Trust was shut down on the 6th of September in the year 2014. This was because the owners, John and Annie Stirling, who have been running the center for two almost decades, said they could not cope up with the rise in bills and also the rise in donkeys being abandoned by people who can no longer afford to keep taking care of them. They have moved the donkeys to another charity, called the Flicka Foundation, which helps adults and children with special needs. Almost £500,000 has been transferred to the foundation as a needed boost.