donkeys-happy-togetherIt is good to save and adopt an animal, but it is important to first know that you have the right conditions for the animal to, not just survive but thrive. The needs of donkeys are pretty much lower compared to having a horse, but if you never had a horse before, it might feel a bit more overwhelming compared to say, a dog.  One example are pests, the donkey is a far larger animal than the one sleeping on your carpet, if they were infested by something like mites,  these pests will definitely be more numerous than you would experience with a dog infested.  And getting rid of it will take more than just a trip to the vet with some delousing shampoo. In the donkeys case you might actually need to hire pest control services for the environment, and a lot of delousing shampoo, like a whole tub or more.


The Needs of the Donkey


Of course the situation stated above is a bit on the extreme cases, the needs that you really need to concern yourself are the everyday needs. One thing completely essential for a happy donkey is a spacious area to run around, they might not exactly be as energetic as a Labrador but keeping one in an enclosed space wouldn’t exactly be saving them would it?

Another need that you might actually need to consider is a second donkey… I know you wanted to just save one but the thing is, donkeys are surprisingly social creatures, and they are often quieter and happier when they have someone to talk to. And no, you can’t buy left over props from a nativity scene, they would know.

http://www.bailbondsbrazoriacounty.netDonkeys don’t really eat much, given that their natural environment isn’t exactly the type that provides really well, they might have evolved to get used to eating low nutrition hay. So you don’t really have to spend so much on the top shelf products show horses are used to. Of course the occasional carrot or so wouldn’t hurt. (Actually it can, too high on sugar, but spoil them a bit to show them that you love them.)

Finally shelter, a real one with a solid roof and walls, as they rarely actually get wet in the wild. If they do, they will definitely sick, and let me tell you, taking care of a large sick donkey, aren’t exactly a heartwarming scene. And if the worse comes to worse, disposing of the donkey is not an easy job. So if you love them, keep them dry.


Donkeys are like dogs, they are very playful and social, and they are fun to be with and fun to take care of. In addition, unlike a dog, you can ride them, so you have that going for you if you own one. But owning one is not a walk in the park, which is a whole other problem with donkeys we might to talk about one day, so make sure you are prepared to own one before you decide anything.