I believe that every animal deserves to be treated well and have a good home, both in the wild and in domestication. The thought that there is an animal somewhere out there being abused, saddens me, but while saving these abused animals is a noble cause, it is one that also comes with risks. These risk can come from both the abusers and the abused animals themselves, you have to be prepared to handle any situation when it comes to this job, as you will face many dangers and difficulties that might surprise you.


Abused animals are either broken to the point of being afraid of everything, or  to the point of being aggressive to humans, due to it losing its trust with us. One particular case came to mind while a write this, a few year back we had rescued an overworked, abused donkey. Donkeys are normally very friendly creatures, docile and affectionate. But unfortunately this particular donkey had just experience too much pain from his abusers, and as a result my approaching caused him to snap and bite me. It was rather a bad wound, it caused quite a good deal of damage, so much so that I needed to get plastic surgery. Donkeys can make your carpets dirty, we clean the carpets every week or so.

It is these kinds of dangers that you face when you save abused animals, it was completely my fault for not considering how much pain the donkey experienced from his abusers that I got into a situation like that. You must remain vigilant and consider these animal victims as dangerous, approaching with caution and great care. Remember that the animal went into a great deal of stress, a stranger approaching will only make things worse.

I was younger when it happen, and obviously more foolish than I am now, today I have the scar to remind me to always approach with caution, and that I should be prepared for anything, especially when it came to handling abused animals.

Today that donkey is now rehabilitated, and though I was badly wounded, I forgave the fella. And unlike how things ended when we first met, our relationship now is way better. It is clear that he was just scared at that time, and not really aggressive, as he is now an affectionate and curious donkey. I decided to take care of the donkey myself, taking him in and bringing him to my family’s ranch, to remind me that when given a good home, animals will return the kindness with love.

When the time comes that you face an animal that had been a victim of abuse, remember to approach it as if it is a wild animal, with great caution. While there is good in them, they are too scared and distrusting of humans, it might even be necessary to be a little tough when taking the animal in, and only after given time to relax and nourish itself in a safe environment should you slowly attempt to connect with the animal.